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9 days-update manpageMartin Schanzenbach
10 days- add test; update manpageMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-29-lets see if this works for openbsdMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-27IDENTITY/NAMESTORE:Martin Schanzenbach
Remove the concept of "Subsystem default identities". Add GNUNET_ErrorCodes to IDENTITY subsystem.
2022-10-24-update namestore manpage and add options for orphan managementMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-22RECLAIM: Update manpage for gnunet-reclaimMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-21- do not convert handbook to man pagesMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-21- add gnunet-namestore-zonefile man pageMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-03-DOC: Tweak to doxyfile: INTERACTIVE_SVG = NO -> YESdev/willow/doxygen_comments2Willow Liquorice
2022-10-03-DOC: Redirected doxygen warnings to doxygen_warnings.logWillow Liquorice
2022-10-03DOC: Reconfigured Doxygen HTML output to improve navigabilityWillow Liquorice
2022-10-02DOC: Back to info_TEXINFOSMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01BUILD: Clean up build and submodulesMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01GANA: Update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01- fixMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01- fixMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01- update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01- update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01- update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01DOC: Manpage cleanupMartin Schanzenbach
Divide the gnunet handbook manpage into more parts.
2022-10-01- update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01-fileMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-01NAMESTORE: Add manpage for new database CLIMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-27-fixMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-27BUILD: Improve documentation buildMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-26BUILD: Silence some -Wall warningsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-26updating Debian packageChristian Grothoff
2022-09-26BUILD: Wow, automake is sh*tMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-26-bump handbookMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-25-fix openbsd buildMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-25-fixMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-25DOC: Conditionally build doxygen; build sphinx on bootstrapMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-25-fix distingChristian Grothoff
2022-09-25-do not make installation of man pages conditional on sphinx being available ↵Christian Grothoff
at compile-time
2022-09-24-fix installation of gnunet.infoChristian Grothoff
2022-09-10-fix make distMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-09-update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-08DOC: UpdateMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-07-fix distMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-06-update submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-06-try again fix for bsdMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-06-fixMartin Schanzenbach
2022-09-06-fix openbsd buildMartin Schanzenbach
2022-08-30-DOC: deleted gnunet.tagWillow Liquorice
2022-08-30-Added .version to top-level .gitignore, and gnunet.tag to doxygen .gitignoreWillow Liquorice
2022-08-30-DOC: .gitignore for the doxygen folder, lists version.doxy and html and xml ↵Willow Liquorice
folders (all generated as part of the build process)
2022-08-30-DOC: GNUnet version number is now derived automatically from .version.Willow Liquorice
2022-08-30-DOC: Added XML cleanup to doxygen Makefile.amWillow Liquorice
2022-08-21-Moved warnings file and out of repo in preparation for cleanupdev/willow/doxygenWillow Liquorice
2022-08-21-DOC: Finished initial doxygen warning analysis script. All warnings sorted!Willow Liquorice