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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-07-pogenChristian Grothoff
2014-07-11-fixing doxygen, indentationChristian Grothoff
2014-06-25combine sources for wlan and bluetooth plugin logic into one fileChristian Grothoff
2014-06-12code cleanupChristian Grothoff
2014-06-04fix bug in mq destroyFlorian Dold
2014-06-04-update to poChristian Grothoff
2014-05-17add missing cancel implementation for MQFlorian Dold
2014-05-11-po updateChristian Grothoff
2014-05-07- pot updateBart Polot
2014-04-14-attempting fix for FreeBSD configure error on netinet/ip.h reported by JSChristian Grothoff
2014-04-11-improve/simplify gnunet-core tool and update man pageChristian Grothoff
2014-04-08version bumping for 0.10.1Christian Grothoff
2014-04-08-pogenChristian Grothoff
2014-04-07-pogenChristian Grothoff
2014-03-07-one more ATS header to be includedChristian Grothoff
2014-03-04-doxygenChristian Grothoff
2014-02-03- consensus and secretsharing have both start time and deadlineFlorian Dold
2014-01-30fix #3284: support lib/MULTIARCH/ paths in installation, use GNUNET_PREFIX=@l...Christian Grothoff
2014-01-20- paillier implementation and testFlorian Dold
2014-01-20- make mpi scan/print publicFlorian Dold
2014-01-14-updating potfilesChristian Grothoff
2014-01-07- profiler actually added to svnFlorian Dold
2013-12-24releasing GNUnet 0.10.0Christian Grothoff
2013-12-24-let's not introduce stdbool shortly before the releaseChristian Grothoff
2013-12-23-fix issues with multi-user setup and ARMChristian Grothoff
2013-12-23-version bumpingChristian Grothoff
2013-12-23-fix build system issuesChristian Grothoff
2013-12-18-update POChristian Grothoff
2013-12-12-fixing 'make dist' issuesChristian Grothoff
2013-12-12-doxygenChristian Grothoff
2013-12-11-remove useless/broken configure options, and gnunet_directories.hChristian Grothoff
2013-12-05-fix #3153Christian Grothoff
2013-11-05skeleton for secretsharingFlorian Dold
2013-10-13-pogen runChristian Grothoff
2013-09-16- mem leakFlorian Dold
2013-08-29-pogenChristian Grothoff
2013-08-22added vectorproduct protocol definitionsChristian Fuchs
2013-08-21-pogenChristian Grothoff
2013-08-16- revert to #8472Sree Harsha Totakura
2013-08-16-add option for xgettext to support non-ASCII characters in gettext stringsSree Harsha Totakura
2013-08-14-undo stupid gettextize overwriteChristian Grothoff
2013-08-14-fixing #2999Christian Grothoff
2013-08-14-message not needed anymoreFlorian Dold
2013-08-13-dceChristian Grothoff
2013-08-13-fixing #2991Christian Grothoff
2013-07-18-pogenChristian Grothoff
2013-06-30-updating PO files and man pageChristian Grothoff
2013-06-12Removing missing source files.David Barksdale
2013-05-22- moved MQ to utilFlorian Dold
2013-04-27work on gnunet-set, isolated bug in streamFlorian Dold