path: root/src/escrow/plugin_escrow_gns.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-07fix includes, don't depend on "../identity/identity.h"jospaeth
2020-09-06add escrow REST pluginjospaeth
2020-09-04fix implementation of escrow STATUSjospaeth
2020-09-04add config param for GNS share expiration timejospaeth
2020-09-04don't maintain a plugin's ego list when cleaning upjospaeth
2020-09-02ESCROW_get() does not need method (as it is stored in anchor)jospaeth
2020-09-02minor improvementsjospaeth
2020-09-02fix struct name in the escrow plugin exit pointsjospaeth
2020-09-02use anchor struct in restore_private_key()jospaeth
2020-09-02remove logging of private keysjospaeth
2020-09-02rename escrowAnchor to anchorjospaeth
2020-09-01change structure of struct GNUNET_ESCROW_Anchorjospaeth
2020-08-29refactor anchor_string_to_data and anchor_data_to_string in the pluginsjospaeth
2020-08-29add egoName to the escrow anchor,jospaeth
2020-08-23add verification result for missing sharesjospaeth
2020-08-21add timeout to GNS lookupjospaeth
2020-08-21add note for the uniqueness of the GNS userSecretjospaeth
2020-08-18implement GNS escrow verify and restorejospaeth
2020-08-17schedule execution now, no need to waitjospaeth
2020-08-17fix failing assertion at namestorejospaeth
2020-08-17fix some const issuesjospaeth
2020-08-15begin implementation of gns verify and restorejospaeth
2020-08-15delay gns escrow until plugin is intialized, fixesjospaeth
2020-08-14fix some bugs in gns escrow, add pk derivationjospaeth
2020-08-12finish escrow put for GNSjospaeth
2020-08-10some error messagesjospaeth
2020-08-10continue start_gns_escrow, add user secret stringjospaeth
2020-08-09GNS escrowjospaeth
2020-08-08store escrow status to configjospaeth
2020-08-08begin implementation of the GNS escrowjospaeth
2020-08-06add tests for plaintext and gns escrowjospaeth
2020-08-06add unique operation ID for distinction in the cbjospaeth
2020-08-05add a API method for getting the escrow statusjospaeth
2020-08-03minor fixes, test structurejospaeth
2020-08-03remove renew from the APIjospaeth
2020-08-03major restructuring of the escrow componentjospaeth
2020-07-22handle escrow operations as dll, clean them upjospaeth
2020-07-19fix plaintext escrowjospaeth
2020-07-18pass only ESCROW_Operation to the pluginsjospaeth
2020-07-16minor fixesjospaeth
2020-07-16implement escrow CLIjospaeth
2020-07-16change plugin functions to support async codejospaeth
2020-07-15fix static, fix method namesjospaeth
2020-07-15changes to the escrow api [not compiling]jospaeth
2020-07-13change return type of verification methodsjospaeth
2020-07-10add escrow API methods, change plugin functionsjospaeth
2020-07-09include sss library checks, minor fixesjospaeth
2020-07-09create escrow componentjospaeth