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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-07Renamed directoryBart Polot
2014-05-07Rename filesBart Polot
2014-05-07- fix makefileBart Polot
2014-05-07Rename mesh->cadetBart Polot
2014-05-07- debug infoBart Polot
2014-05-07- fix buffer fill for payload messagesBart Polot
2014-05-07- Eliminate next_pidBart Polot
2014-05-07- add PID getterBart Polot
2014-05-07- logBart Polot
2014-04-14- constBart Polot
2014-04-14Notify neighbors if received messages about unknown connections, implements #...Bart Polot
2014-04-14- use full peer IDsBart Polot
2014-04-14- docBart Polot
2014-04-14- allow NULL peer id for broken connectionBart Polot
2014-04-11- comply with docBart Polot
2014-04-11- logBart Polot
2014-04-11- more info in log about payloadBart Polot
2014-04-11- log on INFO the data MID receivedBart Polot
2014-04-11- debug queue on sendBart Polot
2014-04-11- logBart Polot
2014-04-11- show debug info on each queue_addBart Polot
2014-04-11- fix log/indentationBart Polot
2014-04-11- add debug function to inspect queuesBart Polot
2014-04-11- logBart Polot
2014-04-11- KX are also keepalivesBart Polot
2014-04-11- de-duplicate ifsBart Polot
2014-04-11- verbose errorBart Polot
2014-04-10- use constant instead of hardcoded valueBart Polot
2014-04-10- don't free connections in the middle of being build.Bart Polot
2014-04-10- less verbose debugBart Polot
2014-04-10- don't use NULL connections on callbackBart Polot
2014-04-10- skip all metadata update on destroyed connectionsBart Polot
2014-04-10- logBart Polot
2014-04-10- if data comes from an unknown channel (we might have just destroyed it and ...Bart Polot
2014-04-10- don't cancel a connection's destroy message when destroying a connection an...Bart Polot
2014-04-10- logBart Polot
2014-04-10- fix use after freeBart Polot
2014-04-10- keep track of connection pids on queueing/sendingBart Polot
2014-04-10- fix path string representationBart Polot
2014-04-10- don't schedule tunnel destruction on shutdownBart Polot
2014-04-10- logBart Polot
2014-04-10- start reconnecting before running out of connectionsBart Polot
2014-04-09- add context in path to link connectionBart Polot
2014-04-09- fix namesBart Polot
2014-04-09- remove dropBart Polot
2014-04-09- logBart Polot
2014-04-09- rename test fileBart Polot
2014-04-09- assert orderBart Polot
2014-04-09- make sure handle is NULLBart Polot
2014-04-09- reuse test config fileBart Polot