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2011-05-11Added mesh testing code and configuration filesBart Polot
2011-05-11fixChristian Grothoff
2011-05-09Added test mockupBart Polot
2011-05-09broke on freebsdMatthias Wachs
2011-05-06WiPBart Polot
2011-05-06Fixed wrong perception about how doubly linked list workBart Polot
2011-05-06WiPBart Polot
2011-05-06Added mesh mockup testBart Polot
2011-05-06WiPBart Polot
2011-05-05WiPBart Polot
2011-05-05Prepared for new API client implementationBart Polot
2011-05-05Separated structs used in network protocol into new file, as recommended in H...Bart Polot
2011-05-04WiPBart Polot
2011-05-04WiPBart Polot
2011-05-03WiPBart Polot
2011-05-03WiPBart Polot
2011-05-03Fixed compiling errorBart Polot
2011-05-03WiPBart Polot
2011-05-02WiPBart Polot
2011-05-02WiPBart Polot
2011-05-02WiPBart Polot
2011-04-19WiPBart Polot
2011-04-19WiPBart Polot
2011-04-18WiPBart Polot
2011-04-18WiPBart Polot
2011-04-15Fixed compile errorBart Polot
2011-04-13WiPBart Polot
2011-04-11Unnecessary message eliminated, network byte conversion addedBart Polot
2011-04-10make the mock mesh perhaps not working, but not crashing eitherPhilipp Tölke
2011-04-10send hello to selfPhilipp Tölke
2011-04-10added TODOsPhilipp Tölke
2011-04-08WiP (create tunnel)Bart Polot
2011-04-08Finished an attempt on handle_new_client, changed message types to new APIBart Polot
2011-04-08Fixed compiler warningsBart Polot
2011-04-08Work in progress (handle_new_client)Bart Polot
2011-04-08Work in progressBart Polot
2011-04-07Simplified notification messagesBart Polot
2011-04-07Work in progress, fix compile errorBart Polot
2011-04-07Adaped to new API, documentedBart Polot
2011-04-07Work in progressBart Polot
2011-04-06nowarnChristian Grothoff
2011-04-06New mesh APIBart Polot
2011-04-06lnkChristian Grothoff
2011-04-05Make mesh service compileBart Polot
2011-04-05Added local mesh messagesBart Polot
2011-03-30Changes to integrate mesh application_type re-definitionBart Polot
2011-03-29Changed message declaration location, added api messagesBart Polot
2011-03-28Implement connect_by_type.Philipp Tölke
2011-03-25make compileChristian Grothoff
2011-03-11Resolved some weird conflictsBart Polot