path: root/src/rps/gnunet-service-rps_sampler.c
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-02-15- got rid of unneeded codeJulius Bünger
2015-02-07-bringing copyright tags up to FSF standardChristian Grothoff
2015-02-07distinct samplers for client and Brahms protocolJulius Bünger
2015-01-28- fix memory management of sampler tasksBart Polot
2015-01-28- never resize to 0Bart Polot
2015-01-28- get size direcly from samplerBart Polot
2015-01-22make sure fkt is called with right argumentJulius Bünger
2015-01-22restructured service and samplerJulius Bünger
2015-01-19trying to remove get_peer_taskJulius Bünger
2015-01-18fixed integer sizes and _get_rand_peer()Julius Bünger
2015-01-18schedule some requests for laterJulius Bünger
2015-01-16added todoJulius Bünger
2015-01-16fixed indentationJulius Bünger
2015-01-16restructured the samplerJulius Bünger
2015-01-14fixing memory leaksJulius Bünger
2015-01-09moved computation of request rate out of samplerJulius Bünger
2015-01-07checking msg sizes, cosmetic changesJulius Bünger
2015-01-07fixed index of for-loopJulius Bünger
2015-01-07different fixes and cosmetic changesJulius Bünger
2015-01-07removed unwanted string from log msgsJulius Bünger
2015-01-07fixed compiler warningJulius Bünger
2015-01-07moved part of _resize() from _sampler.c to -rps.cJulius Bünger
2015-01-06moved sampler functionality in file of its ownJulius Bünger