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2016-01-19-fix (C) noticesChristian Grothoff
2015-09-05-clarifyChristian Grothoff
2015-06-30fix #3869: outdated FSF addressChristian Grothoff
2015-02-07-bringing copyright tags up to FSF standardChristian Grothoff
2014-12-07-style, actually call GNUNET_CADET_receive_done to receive more messagesChristian Grothoff
2014-12-07-sending session ID back over same CADET channel is redundantChristian Grothoff
2014-12-06massive rework of scalarproduct service, splitting into Alice and BobChristian Grothoff
2014-05-24cleaning up scalar product client APIChristian Grothoff
2014-05-20- removed now obsolete check for the element count for an scalarproduct calcu...Christian Fuchs
2014-05-08- added status field to SP result messagesChristian Fuchs
2014-05-07WIP commit of scalar product 2.0. It is unfinished and does not yet pass test...Christian Fuchs
2014-03-07- removed custom crypto functionality in scalarproductChristian Fuchs
2014-01-21- scalarproduct element container was 1 byte too largeChristian Fuchs
2013-10-14more work on doxygenization for SPChristian Fuchs
2013-10-07towards multipart messagesChristian Fuchs
2013-10-06-remove trailing whitespaceChristian Grothoff
2013-10-04added first part of multipart-message support to SPChristian Fuchs
2013-09-11added propper shutdown task to SP-clientChristian Fuchs
2013-09-03re-added collective disconnect command to the scalarproduct APIChristian Fuchs
2013-09-02remmoved deprecated headerfile from scalarproductChristian Fuchs
2013-09-02added new header for protocol definitionsChristian Fuchs