path: root/src/setu/test_setu_api.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-01Setu fixed some bug in rand element gen and added variable payload for perfmanceElias Summermatter
2021-03-31SETU imporved testsElias Summermatter
2021-03-18Fixed some bug in the statemaschin implementation of setuElias Summermatter
2021-03-18Setu tests use gnunet internal functions to generate randum elementsElias Summermatter
2021-03-18Added working test with randum setElias Summermatter
2021-03-18Added some randum elemet generation test for setuElias Summermatter
2020-08-16split of set union from set service (preliminary)Christian Grothoff