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9 daysTNG: Added script running miniupnpd on a router node for the nat upnp test case.t3sserakt
9 daysTNG: Added topology file for nat upnp test case.t3sserakt
2023-01-06- relsoved an coverity issue, worked on fixmes, code documentation and cleane...t3sserakt
2022-12-14-TestState can become privateMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-13- refactored barrier header, fixed messages for barrier signalingt3sserakt
2022-12-09TESTING: Fix TESTING-NG API to follow naming conventionsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-08TESTING: Sanitize API. Add new GNUNET_TESTING_command_new APIMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-08-minorMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-08TESTING: Properly handle label allocationsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-08TESTING: The testing API should properly take strings as constMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-07Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2022-12-07- added configuration to be able to start executables on a router nodet3sserakt
2022-12-06-fix more test issuesMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-04-fixMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-04UTIL: Allow only inlcusion of util glib-style.Martin Schanzenbach
2022-12-04BUILD: Attempt to disentable platform.h, gnunet_common.h and gnunet_private_c...Martin Schanzenbach
2022-12-04BUILD: Move gnunet_config.h to gnunet_private_config.h and add new, partially...Martin Schanzenbach
2022-12-02-testing: only use local IP ranges.Martin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-fix ftbfs #2Martin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-fix ftbfsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-more return value for payload processing that may failMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-simplifyMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-fix pointer corruption bugMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-there is no reason for that variable to be on the heapMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-do not crash on protocol violationsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-12-01-add FIXME to nat service _unregister; fix printf format in tcp communicatorMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-25- fixed coverity findingst3sserakt
2022-10-25Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2022-10-18Merge branch 'dev/willow/gnunet_temp_sh_py'Martin Schanzenbach
2022-10-18-fix conflictMartin Schanzenbach
2022-10-14- fixing coverity findingst3sserakt
2022-10-10- some bug fixes and enhancements to test NG tear donet3sserakt
2022-10-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2022-10-05- Added distance vector inverse path test case.t3sserakt
2022-10-03-Removed references to explicit /tmp in test scripts and configurations in Liquorice
2022-10-03-DOC: Documentation cleanup pass through TRANSPORT ('missing argument' warnings)Willow Liquorice
2022-10-03-DOC: Major doc comment stripping pass through TRANSPORTWillow Liquorice
2022-10-03-DOC: Minor fixes to doc comments (mostly correcting typos) to resolve 'unkno...Willow Liquorice
2022-09-26-changelog housekeeping; various build cleanupsv0.17.6Martin Schanzenbach
2022-09-06BUILD: Remove gnurl. Improve curl-gnutls detectionMartin Schanzenbach
2022-08-30-DOC: Minor passes over NAT, REGEX, and TRANSPORTWillow Liquorice
2022-08-05-fix https cert creationv0.17.3Martin Schanzenbach
2022-08-02TRANSPORT: Fix certtool detection. Fixes #7257Martin Schanzenbach
2022-06-29- added files to .gitignoreTristan Schwieren
2022-06-26-fix typosChristian Grothoff
2022-06-13-TRANSPORT(fix): consider certtoolJulius B√ľnger
2022-04-26- added missing GNUNET_SERVICE_client_continuet3sserakt
2022-04-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2022-04-01- Introduced check, if we need to rebuild a DV box, because we have a differe...t3sserakt
2022-03-19-fix distv0.16.2Martin Schanzenbach