BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.13.x- added backchannel test to buildbot script.t3sserakt14 months
custom-helper-pathadd HELPER_PATH to default configslurchi2 years
dev/demarmels-heuzeveldt/clause-schnorrcode reviewChristian Grothoff25 hours
dev/ng0/python-modularizedinitial, not yet working gnunet_pytools.ng02 years
dev/nithom/fix-reclaim-attr- update add option in reclaim man page as wellNico Thomas7 days
dev/schanzen/crypto_dlog_sodium-update performance dataChristian Grothoff7 months
dev/schanzen/pabcRECLAIM: Added libpabc credential support.Martin Schanzenbach7 months
dev/t3ss/tng- moved global netjail methods to its own header file.t3sserakt3 weeks
dev/thejackimonster/messenger-moved messenger service out of experimentalTheJackiMonster6 months
dev/trizuz/dids- did refactor and uncrustifyTristan Schwieren3 hours
dev/vanni/bcd-new-also check for LaTeX packages used by gnunet-bcdAlessio Vanni6 days
dev/vanni/build-info-set return value following the current APIAlessio Vanni3 months
dev/vanni/fcfsd[FCFSD] document it in the handbookAlessio Vanni7 months
masterignore prepared statement failures if statement is already known to enable co...Christian Grothoff35 min.
netbsd-supportMerge branch 'master' into netbsd-supportng024 months
perf_setu_originalPerftestElias Summermatter7 months
rewrite_of_cadet_testuse testbed methods to alter underlaylinkmodelxrs17 months
schanzen/pabc-fix proof generationMartin Schanzenbach7 months
spaeth/escrow_pluginsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into spaeth/escrow_pluginsjospaeth15 months
spaeth/import_identityadd option to create identity from private keyjospaeth18 months
zklaimfixSchanzenbach, Martin3 years