AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-02-14git ignore bench binaryHEADmasterMarkus Teich
2017-02-14fix msg header documentationMarkus Teich
2017-02-14add benchmarking toolMarkus Teich
2017-02-14modify fp_priv gp script for eval (old)Markus Teich
2017-01-04whitespaceMarkus Teich
2017-01-04gp-scripts: add zkp + test parametersMarkus Teich
2016-12-02move ecdlogctx passing to _join()/_new() functionsMarkus Teich
2016-12-02add error log msgMarkus Teich
2016-12-02fixMarkus Teich
2016-12-02abort instead of assertMarkus Teich
2016-12-02make byte plural consistentMarkus Teich
2016-12-02fix doc in brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-12-02unify msg delivery callbackMarkus Teich
2016-12-02styleMarkus Teich
2016-12-02cleanup todos in brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-12-02use new GNUNET_assert_from()Markus Teich
2016-12-02migrate to GNUNET_assertMarkus Teich
2016-12-02migrate to GNUNET_logMarkus Teich
2016-11-29use GNUNET_log in test_brandtMarkus Teich
2016-11-29coding styleMarkus Teich
2016-11-23doc two missing parametersMarkus Teich
2016-11-23remove unnecessary description handling and hashing.Markus Teich
The hash is not needed since the sellers application is required to sign the description and the bidders application is required to check the signature. Since the arbitrary description used by the application was only used inside this hash, it can be removed as well.
2016-11-23add doc for test-case functionMarkus Teich
2016-11-23fix memleakMarkus Teich
2016-11-22add m+1st price auctions with public outcomeMarkus Teich
2016-11-22abort() on OOMMarkus Teich
2016-11-22BRANDT_new() returns NULL on parameter failureMarkus Teich
2016-11-04clarify BRANDT_new docMarkus Teich
2016-11-04clarify BRANDT_CbStart docMarkus Teich
2016-11-01handle n <= m case in m+1st price auctionsMarkus Teich
The lowest possible price from the price map will be the price each bidder has to pay. Since the seller can define the price map, he can set the lowest price to the lowest he is willing to sell one item at.
2016-11-01add todo entryMarkus Teich
2016-11-01test for no biddersMarkus Teich
2016-10-31fix alignmentMarkus Teich
2016-10-15remove debug outputMarkus Teich
2016-10-15add M+1st price private outcome implementationMarkus Teich
2016-10-15math.tex: fix M+1st private outcome functionMarkus Teich
2016-10-15fixup test_brandtMarkus Teich
2016-10-14fix preparation for M+1st price auctionsMarkus Teich
2016-10-14make test_brandt ready for M+1st price auctionsMarkus Teich
2016-10-14rework test_brandtMarkus Teich
2016-10-13clarify docstringMarkus Teich
2016-10-13blow up k on M+1st price auctionsMarkus Teich
2016-10-13remove test.h dependency from test_brandt.cMarkus Teich
2016-10-12simplify encrypt_bidMarkus Teich
2016-10-12typoMarkus Teich
2016-10-12math.tex: add first price public outcome protocol and description for M+1st ↵Markus Teich
price private outcome protocol
2016-10-12simplify checkMarkus Teich
2016-10-09math.tex: fix M+1st price outcome determination formulaMarkus Teich
2016-10-09math.tex: fix index for additional ZKP on M+1st price auctionsMarkus Teich
2016-10-09add additional proof on encrypt_bid for M+1st price auctionsMarkus Teich
This is needed to ensure bidders are only chosing bids from the subset which is allowed to them. This prevents ties and keeps the protocol way more simple for M+1st price auctions.