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2016-12-02move ecdlogctx passing to _join()/_new() functionsMarkus Teich
2016-12-02make byte plural consistentMarkus Teich
2016-12-02fix doc in brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-12-02unify msg delivery callbackMarkus Teich
2016-12-02cleanup todos in brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-11-23doc two missing parametersMarkus Teich
2016-11-23remove unnecessary description handling and hashing.Markus Teich
2016-11-22BRANDT_new() returns NULL on parameter failureMarkus Teich
2016-11-04clarify BRANDT_new docMarkus Teich
2016-11-04clarify BRANDT_CbStart docMarkus Teich
2016-09-21coding style fixesMarkus Teich
2016-08-31temporary dump for discussionMarkus Teich
2016-08-19differentiate starting functions betterMarkus Teich
2016-08-19fix warningsMarkus Teich
2016-08-17get auctions rollingMarkus Teich
2016-08-17add start callback and further basic testsMarkus Teich
2016-08-16some stuffMarkus Teich
2016-08-16add descr struct verificationMarkus Teich
2016-08-12fill descr struct on new()Markus Teich
2016-08-10work on public interface implementationMarkus Teich
2016-08-03stuffMarkus Teich
2016-07-13major random stuffMarkus Teich
2016-07-06start with brandt.cMarkus Teich
2016-06-22random fixesMarkus Teich
2016-06-20add 3dim array helpersMarkus Teich
2016-06-19some doxygen fixesMarkus Teich
2016-06-12add tests for key generationMarkus Teich
2016-06-12uncrustify brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-05-27some fixmesMarkus Teich
2016-05-17commentsChristian Grothoff
2016-05-17capitalize name prefix of public interface functionsMarkus Teich
2016-05-17apply some coding style with astyleMarkus Teich
2016-05-17initial commitMarkus Teich