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2016-12-02move ecdlogctx passing to _join()/_new() functionsMarkus Teich
2016-12-02make byte plural consistentMarkus Teich
2016-12-02fix doc in brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-12-02unify msg delivery callbackMarkus Teich
2016-12-02cleanup todos in brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-11-23doc two missing parametersMarkus Teich
2016-11-23remove unnecessary description handling and hashing.Markus Teich
The hash is not needed since the sellers application is required to sign the description and the bidders application is required to check the signature. Since the arbitrary description used by the application was only used inside this hash, it can be removed as well.
2016-11-22BRANDT_new() returns NULL on parameter failureMarkus Teich
2016-11-04clarify BRANDT_new docMarkus Teich
2016-11-04clarify BRANDT_CbStart docMarkus Teich
2016-09-21coding style fixesMarkus Teich
2016-08-31temporary dump for discussionMarkus Teich
2016-08-19differentiate starting functions betterMarkus Teich
2016-08-19fix warningsMarkus Teich
2016-08-17get auctions rollingMarkus Teich
2016-08-17add start callback and further basic testsMarkus Teich
2016-08-16some stuffMarkus Teich
- finish BRANDT_destroy() - fix include mess related to platform.h and brandt_config.h - add first brandt.c testcase
2016-08-16add descr struct verificationMarkus Teich
2016-08-12fill descr struct on new()Markus Teich
2016-08-10work on public interface implementationMarkus Teich
2016-08-03stuffMarkus Teich
2016-07-13major random stuffMarkus Teich
2016-07-06start with brandt.cMarkus Teich
2016-06-22random fixesMarkus Teich
2016-06-20add 3dim array helpersMarkus Teich
2016-06-19some doxygen fixesMarkus Teich
2016-06-12add tests for key generationMarkus Teich
2016-06-12uncrustify brandt.hMarkus Teich
2016-05-27some fixmesMarkus Teich
2016-05-17commentsChristian Grothoff
2016-05-17capitalize name prefix of public interface functionsMarkus Teich
2016-05-17apply some coding style with astyleMarkus Teich
2016-05-17initial commitMarkus Teich