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+## Version 0.1.0
+* This release requires the GNUnet Messenger Service 0.1!
+* It allows account management (creation, listing and deletion).
+* Clients are able to switch between accounts during runtime.
+* The client can rename an account or update its key.
+* Contact exchange is possible via lobbies in form of URIs to be shared as text form or potentially QR encoded.
+* Each resource allows handling a user pointer for the client application.
+* Contacts and groups can be managed individually and given a custom nick name.
+* It is possible to request and open a direct chat with any contact.
+* Groups allow listing their members with custom user pointers related to the group memberships.
+* Chats can be left explicitly.
+* Each chat will be represented as context resource abstracting the variant of chat.
+* It is possible to send text messages, send files, share files and send read receipts explicitly.
+* Received messages allow checking for a read receipt status.
+* Messages can be deleted with a custom delay.
+* Files in a chat can be fully managed (they can be uploaded, downloaded, unindexed and provide a decrypted temporary preview if necessary) while being encrypted individually.
+* The status of each operation (upload, download, unindex) regarding files can be tracked.
+* Received invitations to new chats can be accepted.