BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastereliminate compiler warningsChristian Grothoff10 hours
v0.9.63commit 154d0fd6a1...Christian Grothoff3 months
v0.9.62commit 517c4a81c7...Christian Grothoff5 months
v0.9.61commit a78bc73beb...Christian Grothoff6 months
v0.9.60commit acd39ed23d...Christian Grothoff6 months
v0.9.59commit 21b2dd96aa...Christian Grothoff16 months
v0.9.58commit b4aa632ce2...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)17 months
v0.9.57commit 561cc184f1...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)18 months
v0.9.56commit 59b4a6a00a...Christian Grothoff18 months
v0.9.55commit 69d990f4f8...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)24 months
v0.9.54commit 8823f63b50...Christian Grothoff2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 hourseliminate compiler warningsHEADmasterChristian Grothoff
3 dayshttp_chunked_compression: fixed for non-64bit systemsEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
3 dayshttp_chunked_compression example: clarify and improve readabilityEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
3 dayshttp_compression example: fix compiler warningEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
3 daysmhd_limits.h: fixed typoEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
5 daysconfigure: fixed MS Lib utility detection afterEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
5 daysMore speedups by using predefined length of stringsEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
5 daysFixed build from source on GNU HurdEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysUpdated ChangeLogEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
8 daysuse AS_CASE/AS_IFChristian Grothoff