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@@ -520,6 +520,25 @@ call has fundamentally lower complexity (O(1) for @code{epoll()}
vs. O(n) for @code{select()}/@code{poll()} where n is the number of
open connections).
+@cindex performance
+Enable optimizations to aggressively improve performance. Note that
+the option is a slight misnomer, as these days it also enables optimziations
+that are unrelated to @code{MHD_USE_EPOLL_LINUX_ONLY}. Hence it is OK to
+use this option with other event loops.
+Currently, the optimizations this option enables are based on
+opportunistic reads and writes. Bascially, MHD will simply try to
+read or write or accept on a socket before checking that the socket is
+ready for IO using the event loop mechanism. As the sockets are
+non-blocking, this may fail (at a loss of performance), but generally
+MHD does this in situations where the operation is likely to succeed,
+in which case performance is improved. Setting the flag should generally
+be safe (even though the code is slightly more experimental). You may
+want to benchmark your application to see if this makes any difference
+for you.
@cindex date
@cindex clock