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and describes the actions taken by GANA:
- <!-- FIXME: Unclear who are the experts how are they selected and
- by whom? GNUnet e.V. Politb├╝ro? The DAO?
- Unreserved/Reserved for private use record type range? -->
- Adding new records is possible after expert review, using a
+ Adding new records is possible after review by any authorized
+ GANA contributor, using a
first-come-first-served policy for unique name allocation.
- Experts are responsible to ensure that the chosen "Subdomain" is
+ Reviewers are responsible to ensure that the chosen "Subdomain" is
appropriate for the purpose.
- The current contact(s) for expert review are reachable at
+ Authorized GANA contributors for review of new entries are reachable at
Any request <bcp14>MUST</bcp14> contain a unique subdomain and a point of contact.
@@ -2962,7 +2960,7 @@ Subdomain | Contact | References | Comment
gns | (*) | [This.I-D] | The .alt subdomain for GNS.