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<xref target="Unicode-UTS46"/>.
A GNS name may be indistinguishable from a DNS name and care must
be taken by applications and implementors when handling GNS names
- (see <xref target="namespace_ambiguity"/>). In the spirit of
- <xref target="I-D.ietf-dnsop-alt-tld"/>, this draft uses the suffix
- ".gns.alt" in examples and reserves it in the GANA ".alt Subdomains"
- registry <xref target="GANA"/>.
+ (see <xref target="namespace_ambiguity"/>).
+ In order to avoid misinterpretation of example domains with (reserved)
+ DNS domains this draft uses the suffix ".gns.alt" in examples which
+ is also registered in the GANA ".alt Subdomains" registry
+ <xref target="GANA"/> (see also <xref target="I-D.ietf-dnsop-alt-tld"/>).
@@ -2821,17 +2822,13 @@ NICK: john (Supplemental)
precedence and is integrated with the system resolver implementation.
- This draft creates a <xref target="GANA"/> registry
- for subdomains under
- the special-use top-level domain ".alt" <xref target="I-D.ietf-dnsop-alt-tld"/>
- in <xref target="gana"/>, and within it registers the subdomain ".gns.alt" for use with GNS in particular.
- Groups wishing to create new alternative
- namespaces that can be resolved using GNS <bcp14>SHOULD</bcp14> create their
- alternative namespace under a label that names their namespace under
- the ".gns.alt" pseudo-TLD.
- The use of the suffix ".gns.alt" in local suffix-to-zone mappings is
- <bcp14>RECOMMENDED</bcp14> in order to address the issues raised
- above.
+ For use cases where GNS names may be confused with names
+ of other name resolution mechanisms (in particular DNS), the
+ ".gns.alt" domain <bcp14>SHOULD</bcp14> be used.
+ For use cases like implementing sinkholes to block
+ malware sites or serving DNS domains via GNS to bypass censorship,
+ GNS <bcp14>MAY</bcp14> be deliberately used in ways that interfere
+ with resolution of another name system.