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filter because of a false-positive test.
- <!-- FIXME: then this should be part of the registration policy -->
How exactly a block result is added to a result filter
- <bcp14>MUST</bcp14> be specified as part of the definition of a block type.
+ is specified as part of the definition of a block type (cf. <xref target="hello_block"/>).
<section anchor="p2p_get_processing">
@@ -2619,20 +2618,21 @@ BEGIN
the block type (in UTF-8)</li>
<li>Contact: Optionally, the contact information of a person to contact for
further information</li>
- <li>References: Optionally, references describing the record type
- (such as an RFC)</li>
+ <li>References: Required, references (such as an RFC) specifying the block type and its block functions</li>
The registration policy for this sub-registry is "First Come First
Served", as described in <xref target="RFC8126"/>.
GANA created the registry as follows:
+ <!-- FIXME changed GNS Reference to This.I-D because we either need to define it here
+ or in the GNS RFC. And I think here is better or in a separate document -MSC -->
<figure anchor="figure_btypenums" title="The Block Type Registry.">
<artwork name="" type="" align="left" alt=""><![CDATA[
Number| Name | References | Description
0 ANY [This.I-D] Reserved
-11 GNS_NAMERECORD GNS Block for GNS records
+11 GNS_NAMERECORD [This.I-D] Block for GNS records
13 DHT_HELLO [This.I-D] Address data for a peer