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@@ -2608,11 +2608,12 @@ BEGIN
<figure anchor="figure_btypenums" title="The Block Type Registry.">
<artwork name="" type="" align="left" alt=""><![CDATA[
-Number| Name | Contact | References | Description
-0 ANY N/A [This.I-D] Reserved
-11 GNS_NAMERECORD N/A GNS Block for GNS records
-13 DHT_HELLO N/A [This.I-D] Address data for a peer
+Number| Name | References | Description
+0 ANY [This.I-D] Reserved
+11 GNS_NAMERECORD GNS Block for GNS records
+13 DHT_HELLO [This.I-D] Address data for a peer
@@ -2638,14 +2639,15 @@ Number| Name | Contact | References | Description
<!-- FIXME: See GNS wording for this which is already improved / ISE compliant -->
The registration policy for this sub-registry is "First Come First
Served", as described in <xref target="RFC8126"/>.
- GANA is requested to populate this registry as follows:
+ GANA created this registry as follows:
<figure anchor="figure_gnunetscheme" title="GNUnet scheme Subregistry.">
<artwork name="" type="" align="left" alt=""><![CDATA[
-Name | Contact | References | Description
-HELLO N/A [This.I-D] How to contact a peer.
-ADDRESS N/A N/A Network address.
+Name | References | Description
+HELLO [This.I-D] How to contact a peer.
+ADDRESS N/A Network address.
@@ -2653,7 +2655,7 @@ ADDRESS N/A N/A Network address.
<section anchor="gana_signature_purpose" numbered="true" toc="default">
<name>GNUnet Signature Purpose Registry</name>
- GANA is requested to amend the "GNUnet Signature Purpose" registry
+ GANA amended the "GNUnet Signature Purpose" registry
as follows:
<figure anchor="figure_purposenums" title="The Signature Purpose Registry Entries.">
@@ -2662,7 +2664,6 @@ Purpose | Name | References | Description
6 DHT PATH Element [This.I-D] DHT message routing data
7 HELLO Payload [This.I-D] Peer contact information