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-# messenger-gtk
+# Messenger-GTK
A GTK based GUI for the Messenger service of GNUnet.
@@ -48,3 +48,13 @@ Then you can simply use the provided Makefile as follows:
- `make debug` to compile everything with debug parameters
- `make release` to compile everything with build optimizations enabled
- `make install` to install the compiled files (you might need sudo permissions to install)
+## Contribution
+If you want to contribute to this project as well, the following options are available:
+ * Contribute directly to the [source code]( with patches to fix issues, implement new features or improve the usability.
+ * Open issues in the [bug tracker]( to report bugs, issues or missing features.
+ * Contact the authors of the software if you need any help to contribute (testing is always an option).
+The list of all previous authors can be viewed in the provided [file](AUTHORS).