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9 <name>GNUnet Messenger</name> 9 <name>GNUnet Messenger</name>
10 <summary>A GTK based GUI for the Messenger service of GNUnet.</summary> 10 <summary>A GTK based GUI for the Messenger service of GNUnet.</summary>
11 <description> 11 <description>
12 <p>Messenger-GTK is a convergent GTK messaging application using the GNUnet Messenger service. The goal is to provide private and secure communication between any group of devices.</p>
13 <p>The application provides the following features:</p>
14 <ul>
15 <li>Creating direct chats and group chats</li>
16 <li>Managing your contacts and groups</li>
17 <li>Invite contacts to a group</li>
18 <li>Sending text messages</li>
19 <li>Sending voice recordings</li>
20 <li>Sharing files privately</li>
21 <li>Deleting messages with any custom delay</li>
22 <li>Renaming contacts</li>
23 <li>Exchanging contact details physically</li>
24 <li>Verifying contact identities</li>
25 <li>Switching between different accounts</li>
26 </ul>
27 <p>Chats will generally created as opt-in. So you can decide who may contact you directly and who does not, accepting to a direct chat. Leaving a chat is also always possible.</p>
12 </description> 28 </description>
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14 <screenshots> 30 <screenshots>