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5<h2>{{ _("How is Taler related to Bitcoin or Blockchains?") }}</h2> 5<h2>{{ _("Q?") }}</h2>
6{% trans %} 6{% trans %}
7<p>Taler does not use any Blockchain technology or Bitcoin directly. 7<p>
8Taler is not based on proof-of-work or any other distributed consensus 8A:
9mechanism. Instead Taler is based on blind signatures.</p> 9</p>
10{% endtrans %} 10{% endtrans %}
11{% trans %} 11{% trans %}
12<p>It would be possible, however, to withdraw coins denominated in 12<p>
13Bitcoin into a Taler wallet (with an appropriate exchange), which 13A:
14would give some benefits over plain Bitcoin, such as instant 14</p>
15confirmation times.</p>
16{% endtrans %}
18<h2>{{ _("Where is the balance in my wallet stored?") }}</h2>
19{% trans %}
20<p>Your wallet stores digital coins and thus ultimately your computer
21holds your balance. The exchange keeps funds matching all unspent
22coins in an escrow bank account.</p>
23{% endtrans %}
25<h2>{{ _("What if my wallet is lost?") }}</h2>
26{% trans %}
27<p>Since the digital coins of value in your wallet are anonymized, the
28exchange can not assist you in recovering a lost or stolen wallet.
29Just like with a physical wallet for cash, you are responsible for
30keeping it safe.</p>
31{% endtrans %}
32{% trans %}
33<p>The risk of losing a wallet can be mitigated by making backups or
34keeping the balance reasonably low.</p>
35{% endtrans %}
37<h2>{{ _("What if my computer is hacked?") }}</h2>
38{% trans %}
39<p>In case of a compromise of one of your devices, an attacker can
40spend coins from your wallet. Checking your balance might reveal
41to you that your device has been compromised.</p>
42{% endtrans %}
44<h2>{{ _("Can I send money to my friend with Taler?") }}</h2>
45{% trans %}
46<p>If your friend provides goods or services for you in exchange for a
47payment, they can easily set up a Taler merchant and receive the
48payment in their bank account.</p>
49{% endtrans %}
50{% trans %}
51<p>Future versions of the Taler wallet may allow exchanging coins
52among friends directly as well.</p>
53{% endtrans %}
56<h2>{{ _("How does Taler handle payments in different currencies?") }}</h2>
57{% trans %}
58<p>Taler wallets can store digital coins corresponding to multiple
59different currencies such as the Euro, US Dollars or Bitcoins.</p>
60{% endtrans %}
61{% trans %}
62<p>Taler currently does not offer conversion between currencies.</p>
63{% endtrans %}
65<h2>{{ _("How does Taler protect my privacy?") }}</h2>
66{% trans %}
68<p>Your wallet stores digital coins that are <a
70signed</a> by an exchange. The use of a blind signature protects your
71privacy as it prevents the exchange from knowing which coin it signed
72for which customer.</p>
74{% endtrans %} 15{% endtrans %}
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76</div> 17</div>