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- <h3>10-9-2014: PayPal accounts hacked with a click</h3>
- <p>Yasser Ali reports a now patched vulnerability in PayPal that would
- have allowed him to reset other user's passwords and take over their
- accounts. This is unlikely to be the last vulnerability found in
- account-based payment systems.<br>
- In Taler, customers do not have accounts with usernames, passwords
- or associated e-mail addresses. Instead, Taler uses reserves which
- are represented by a private key on the owner's computer. Users
- create a reserve by depositing currency at a Taler exchange, and can then
- withdraw digital coins from that reserve using the respective private
- key. There is no limit on the number of reserves a user can have, and
- even hacking the Taler exchange would not provide an adversary with access to
- user's reserves (as the Taler exchange does not have the private keys).
- Stealing in Taler requires breaking into each customer's computer to
- extract the reserve keys or the coins from the digital wallet.
- </p>
- <p><a class="btn btn-info" href="" role="button">Source</a></p>