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- <h3>5-12-2014: PayPal for Android gains fingerprint support</h3>
- <p>Following Visa and MasterCard's move to biometrics, PayPal
- now supports authenticating purchases with fingerprint
- recognition.
- Hence, police can now <a href="">forcefully take user's fingerprints</a> and
- <a href="">access their mobile computers</a> and possibly empty their electronic wallets
- <a href="">in addition to their physical wallets</a>.<br>
- For Taler, we advise users to protect their digital wallets using
- passphrases.
- </p>
- <p><a class="btn btn-info" href="" role="button">Source</a></p>
- <h3>5-12-2014: US judge rules banks can sue merchant for bad security</h3>
- <p>Merchants taking credit card data from customers now have to additionally
- fear banks suing them for losses. It is not suggested that the merchant
- in question was not in compliance with PCI DSS security audit procedures.<br>
- With Taler, merchants never handle sensitive personal credit data, and
- thus neither customers, exchanges nor governments would even have standing to
- sue merchants in court. Thus, if a merchant system were to be compromised,
- the damage would be limited to the merchant's own operations.
- <p><a class="btn btn-info" href="" role="button">Source</a></p>