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the locale files if we are not agreeing on the
content of these web pages, yet.
+GNUnet uses the physical Internet structure as a basis for a 100% peer-to-peer framework all your web services can run on [link to GNUnet layer grafic]:
GNUnet is a new network stack for building secure, decentralized and
privacy-preserving distributed applications. Our goal is to replace the
old insecure Internet protocol stack.
+GNUnet is made by us for us and for you: self-governed, self-hosted, fast (?), secure, transparent, free.
Why did this part get removed?
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{% trans %}
+ The conventional Internet currently is like a system of roads with deep potholes and highwaymen all over the place: Even if you still can use the roads (e.g. send emails or browse websites) your car might get hijacked, damaged, or long ugly arms might reach into its back windows and steal your items (data) to use it against you and sell it to others - while you can't even notice the thievery nor accuse and hold the scroungers accountable.
+ <br><br>
The Internet of tomorrow needs GNUnet today.
{% endtrans %}
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Protocols from Ethernet and IP to BGP and X.509 PKI fail by being unsecure-by-default: protecting against address forgery, routers learning metadata, or choosing really trusted CAs is nontrivial and sometimes nigh impossible.
+ Please name abbreviations + short explanations for abbreviations.
+ -->
GNUnet is an Internet <a href="">secure-by-design</a>, addressing addressing, routing, naming and content distribution in a technically robust manner - as opposed to ad-hoc designs in place today.
+ "addressing addressing"? correct?
+ -->
{% endtrans %}
@@ -155,7 +167,7 @@ creation of a GNU Internet.
{% trans %}
- pretty Easy privacy (p&#8801;p) is creating a usable
+ <a href="">pretty Easy privacy (p&#8801;p)</a> is creating a usable
usable end-to-end encrypted e-mail solution using
opportunistic key exchange.
p&#8801;p will use GNUnet to protect meta data and exploit new