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- <h3>6-2016: GNU Taler 0.0.0 released</h3>
- <p>We have reached our first big milestone, the 0.0.0 release!
- The release includes implementations of a bank, exchange, merchant and wallet
- and is available on the GNU FTP mirrors.
- <br>
- While the exchange implements the
- complete protocol, the implementations of merchant and wallet are both
- fundamentally incomplete and still lack key features, including important
- error handling. GNU Taler still lacks an implementation of an auditor or
- logic for integration with "real" banks.
- Thus, this release should not yet be used for actual financial
- transactions.
- <br>
- That said, you can already setup your own functional payment system
- and run your own toy currency -- or just try out the demo using
- the Chrome/Chromium browser at <a href=""></a>.
- <br>
- Please provide feedback to our <a href="">bug tracker</a>.
- There, you can also find our <a href="">roadmap</a>
- which contains a list of known open issues and our plans for the near future.
- </p>