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<div class="row">
<div class="col-2 d-none d-lg-block"><!-- for large viewports show menu for better orientation -->
<nav class="nav subnav position-fixed flex-column border-right" style="position:fixed">
- <a class="nav-link" href="#current">{{ _("Ideas 2021") }}</a>
+ <a class="nav-link" href="#current">{{ _("Ideas 2023") }}</a>
<!--<a class="nav-link" href="#past">{{ _("Past projects") }}</a>-->
<a class="nav-link" href="#finished">{{ _("Finished projects") }}</a>
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- <h2><a name="current" class="subnav-anchor"></a>{{ _("Ideas 2021") }}</h2>
+ <h2><a name="current" class="subnav-anchor"></a>{{ _("Ideas 2023") }}</h2>
<h4>Transport Next Generation (TNG): Communicator plugins</h4>
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{% endtrans %}
+ <!-- GTK4 upgrade of gnunet-gtk -->
- <h4>REST: Multi-user support</h4>
+ <h4>gnunet-gtk gtk4 upgrade</h4>
{% trans %}
- The REST API currently only supports a single user system.
- This is an issue as on multi-user systems, access control
- must be enfoced on a per-user basis.
+ Our GTK interface for GNUnet is written using libglade and Gtk.
+ It is currently designed and compatible with Gtk+3 with already possibly including a variety of deprecated functions.
+ In this project the requirements for a Gtk4 migration shall be worked out and the codebase migrated to the most recent stable Gtk4 release.
- In this project, the REST service must be extended to
- support user authentication.
- This includes the correct handling of user context switches.
+ The difficulty of this project largely depends on the students
+ proficiency with build tools and Gtk.
+ There non-exhaustive task list would be:
- <li>Implement user authentication.</li>
- <li>Test the access control.</li>
- <li>Document the changes to the REST API.</li>
+ <li>Get familiar with the existing gnunet-gtk architecture.</li>
+ <li>Get familiar with Gtk4 and work out a migration path.</li>
+ <li>Migrate gnunet-gtk to gtk4.</li>
+ <li>(Optional) Ad-hoc UI improvements where applicable</li>
Advantageous skills/languages/frameworks:
- <li>Knowledge of user authentication subsystems on Linux/Unix.</li>
- <li>REST/HTTP Authentication methods</li>
+ <li>Gtk</li>
+ <li>User interfaces</li>
- <strong>Difficulty:</strong> Beginner
+ <strong>Difficulty:</strong>
<strong>Mentors:</strong> Martin Schanzenbach
{% endtrans %}
<h4>re:claimID/GNUnet Browser Plugin</h4>