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* Naming conventions::
* Coding style::
+* Continuous integration::
* Commit messages and developer branches::
@end menu
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+@cindex Continuous integration
+@node Continuous integration
+@subsection Continuous integration
+The continuous integration buildbot can be found at @uref{}.
+Repositories need to be enabled by a buildbot admin in order to participate
+in the builds.
+The buildbot can be configured to process scripts in your repository root under @code{.buildbot/}:
+The files @code{}, @code{} and @code{} are executed
+in order if present. If you want a specific worker to behave differently,
+you can provide a worker specific script, e.g. @code{}.
+In this case, the generic step will not be executed.
+For the @code{gnunet.git} repository, you may use "!tarball" or "!coverity" in
+your commit messages.
+"!tarball" will trigger a @code{make dist} of the gnunet source and verify that it
+can be compiled. The artifact will then be published to @uref{}.
+This is a good way to create a tarball for a release as it verifies the build
+on another machine.
+The "!coverity" trigger will trigger a coverity build and submit the results
+for analysis to coverity: @uref{}.
+Only developers with accounts for the GNUnet project on are able to
+see the analysis results.
@cindex Commit messages and developer branches
@node Commit messages and developer branches
@subsection Commit messages and developer branches