AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-01Prepare for 0.19.4v0.19.4Martin Schanzenbach
2023-03-15debian: release patch versionv0.19.3-debian-1Florian Dold
2023-03-15make version info robust w.r.t. sparse git checkoutsFlorian Dold
2023-02-23-update POTfilesChristian Grothoff
2023-02-21bump debian versionv0.19.3-debianChristian Grothoff
2023-02-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2023-02-15TNG: Added seperate doxygen group for TNG.t3sserakt
2023-02-08DHT: probabilistically verify blocks if CPU load is high-ish (fixes #7602)Christian Grothoff
2023-02-08TNG: Added performance test case.t3sserakt
2023-02-08TNG: Removed debug log statements not controlled by the global logging mechan...t3sserakt
2023-02-08TNG: Fixed bug of not sending the changed window size, which takes into accou...t3sserakt
2023-02-08TNG: Fixed bug about missing synchronisation between client and service queuet3sserakt
2023-02-07TNG: Fixed bug of QueueEntry deleted too early.t3sserakt
2023-02-07Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2023-02-07Fixed #7630: Memory leak in (?) finish_test in testing_api_loop.ct3sserakt
2023-02-06-remove dead variable, obsoleted by patch for #7617Christian Grothoff
2023-02-06UTIL: use dedicated marker in ready queue.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06UTIL: add test demonstrating scheduler bug, don't run it by default.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06DHT: Fix warnings when freeing allocated strings from GNUNET_STRINGS_get_utf8...Martin Schanzenbach
2023-02-06MYSQL: Another jab at proper my_bool detection.Martin Schanzenbach
2023-02-06Revert "DHT: remove "memory leak" in gnunet-dht-{get,put}."Martin Schanzenbach
2023-02-06SETU: don't leak Operation.{message_control_flow,inquiries_sent}.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06SETU: prevent misaligned access to StrataEstimatorMessage.set_size.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-SECRETSHARING: don't leak my_share in test.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06SETU: avoid 64-bit shift on 64-bit value.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06REST: don't leak basic_auth_file.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06REVOCATION: don't leak signature purpose memory.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06TESTBED: don't leak helper_argv when SSH can't be executed.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-RECLAIM: fix memory leaks in tests.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06RECLAIM: don't leak the elements of attr_list.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06RECLAIM: fix 1-byte overflow in DID_did_to_pkey.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06RECLAIM: rename G_D_key_covert_... to G_D_key_convert_...ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06PEERSTORE: fix write-after-free in handle_{iterate_end,watch_record}ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06NAMESTORE: avoid use-after-free in handle_record_result.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06NAMESTORE: fix overread in handle_record_store.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06NAMESTORE: fix memory leak in parse_recordline.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-NAMESTORE: fix memory leaks in tests.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06JSON: fix memory leaks in test.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06HELLO: fix memory leak in GNUNET_HELLO_extract_address.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-HELLO: fix memory leaks in tests.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06GNSRECORD: fix memory leaks in tests.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-GNS: use proper config file name in
2023-02-06FS: fix memory leak in GNUNET_FS_search_stop.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06DHT: remove "memory leak" in gnunet-dht-{get,put}.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-DATACACHE: fix memory leaks in tests.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-CORE: fix memory leak in test.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-Miscellaneous mostly-comment typo fixes.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06NAT: don't leak AddrEntries when unregistering.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06-Fix -Wstacl-protector typo.ulfvonbelow
2023-02-06REVOCATION: add shutdown task earlier.ulfvonbelow