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1# libgnunetchat 1# libgnunetchat
2 2
3A client-side library for applications to use the Messenger service of GNUnet. 3A client-side library for applications to utilize the Messenger service of GNUnet.
5## Features
7This library is an abstraction layer using the client API from different [GNUnet](https://www.gnunet.org) services to provide the functionality of a typical messenger application. The goal is to make developing such applications easier and independent of the GUI toolkit. So people can develop different interfaces being compatible with eachother despite visual differences, a few missing features or differences in overall design.
9Implementing all those typical features of a messenger application requires more than only a service to exchange messages. Therefore this library utilizes multiple different services provided by GNUnet to achieve this goal:
11 - [ARM](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#Automatic-Restart-Manager-_0028ARM_0029) to automatically start all required services without manual setup from a user
12 - [FS](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#File_002dsharing-_0028FS_0029-Subsystem) to upload, download and share files via the network in a secure way
13 - [GNS](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#GNU-Name-System-_0028GNS_0029) to resolve published records of open lobbies, potentially exchanging contact credentials and opening a chat
14 - [IDENTITY](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#IDENTITY-Subsystem) to create, delete and manage accounts as well as providing information to verify another users identity
15 - [MESSENGER](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#MESSENGER-Subsystem) to open, close and manage any kind of chats as well as exchanging messages in a decentralized and secure way with other users
16 - [NAMESTORE](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#NAMESTORE-Subsystem) to store contact and group chat information locally and to publish records of lobbies accessible via GNS
17 - [REGEX](https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#REGEX-Subsystem) to publish peer information allowing other peers to quickly form a public group chat around a certain topic
19## Build & Installation
21The following dependencies are required and need to be installed to build the library:
23 - [gnunet](https://git.gnunet.org/gnunet.git/): For using GNUnet services and its datatypes
25Then you can simply use the provided Makefile as follows:
27 - `make` to just compile everything with default parameters
28 - `make clean` to cleanup build files in case you want to recompile
29 - `make debug` to compile everything with debug parameters
30 - `make release` to compile everything with build optimizations enabled
31 - `make install` to install the compiled files (you might need sudo permissions to install)
32 - `make docs` to build Doxygen documentation ([Doxygen](https://www.doxygen.nl/index.html) is required to do that)
33 - `make check` to test the library with automated unit tests ([Check](https://libcheck.github.io/check/) is required to do that)
35## Contribution
37If you want to contribute to this project as well, the following options are available:
39 * Contribute directly to the [source code](https://git.gnunet.org/libgnunetchat.git/) with patches to fix issues or provide new features.
40 * Open issues in the [bug tracker](https://bugs.gnunet.org/bug_report_page.php) to report bugs, issues or missing features.
41 * Contact the authors of the software if you need any help to contribute (testing is always an option).
43The list of all previous authors can be viewed in the provided [file](AUTHORS).
45## Applications
47There are a few applications using this library already. So users can choose from any of them picking their favourite interface for messaging:
49 * [Messenger-GTK](https://git.gnunet.org/messenger-gtk.git/): A GTK based GUI for the Messenger service of GNUnet.
50 * [messenger-cli](https://git.gnunet.org/messenger-cli.git): A CLI for the Messenger service of GNUnet.