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@@ -109,9 +109,12 @@ example, using the @code{MHD_create_response_from_fd_at_offset} call
to serve ranges from a file). MHD does understands headers that
control connection management (specifically, @code{Connection: close}
and @code{Expect: 100 continue} are understood and handled
-automatically). @code{Connection: upgrade} is not yet supported.
+automatically). @code{Connection: upgrade} is supported by passing
+control over the socket (or something that behaves like the real
+socket in the case of TLS) to the application (after sending the
+desired HTTP response header).
-MHD also largely ignores the semantics of the different HTTP methods,
+MHD largely ignores the semantics of the different HTTP methods,
so clients are left to handle those. One exception is that MHD does
understand @code{HEAD} and will only send the headers of the response
and not the body, even if the client supplied a body. (In fact,
@@ -2169,8 +2172,6 @@ Set of actions to be performed on upgraded connections. Passed as an argument t
Closes the connection. Must be called once the application is done with the client. Takes no additional arguments.
-Uncork the TCP write buffer. Not implemented. Takes no additional arguments.
@end table
@end deftp