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+Tue Mar 25 13:40:53 MDT 2008
+ Prevent multi-part post-processor from going to error
+ state when the input buffer is full and current token
+ just changes processor state without consuming any data.
+ Also, the original implementation would not consume any
+ input in process_value_to_boundary if there is no new
+ line character in sight. -AS
+ Remove checks for request method after it finished writing
+ response footers as it's only _pipelined_ requests that
+ should not be allowed after POST or PUT requests. Reusing
+ the existing connection is perfectly ok though. And there
+ is no reliable way to detect pipelining on server side
+ anyway so it is the client's responsibility to not send new
+ data before it gets a response after a POST operation. -AS
+ Clarified license in man page. -CG
Sat Mar 22 01:12:38 MDT 2008
Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.2.2. -CG