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-Run "autoreconf -fi" to create configure.
-This is still alpha software. Below we list things that should be
+libmicrohttpd is a library written in C that provides a compact
+API and implementation of an HTTP 1.1 web server. libmicrohttpd
+only implements the HTTP 1.1 protocol. The main application must
+still provide the content.
+If you are using Subversion, run "autoreconf -fi" to create configure.
+In order to run the testcases, you need a recent version of libcurl.
+libcurl is not required if you just want to install the library.
+Configure options
+Especially for development, use "--enable-messages" to enable error
+reporting (and use MHD_USE_DEBUG). Error reporting is not enabled by
+default to reduce the size of the library (error messages take
+space!). If you are concerned about space, you should set "CFLAGS" to
+"-Os --fomit-frame-pointer" to have gcc generate tight code. The
+resulting binary should be less than 25k (on x86).
+Development Status
+This is a beta release. Below we list things that should be
implemented (in order of importance) before we can claim to be
reasonably complete. #XXXX refers to the respective Mantis bug report
(or feature request). ARCH indicates that implementing this feature