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may => SHOULD for gns.alt
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@@ -2826,7 +2826,7 @@ NICK: john (Supplemental)
the special-use top-level domain ".alt" <xref target="I-D.ietf-dnsop-alt-tld"/>
in <xref target="gana"/>, and within it registers the subdomain ".gns.alt" for use with GNS in particular.
Groups wishing to create new alternative
- namespaces that can be resolved using GNS may create their
+ namespaces that can be resolved using GNS <bcp14>SHOULD</bcp14> create their
alternative namespace under a label that names their namespace under
the ".gns.alt" pseudo-TLD.
The use of the suffix ".gns.alt" in local suffix-to-zone mappings is