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alignment is not the reason, other peers using the same filter is
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@@ -2233,7 +2233,9 @@ gnunet+tcp://
Bloom filter following the definition from <xref target="bloom_filters"/>
and consists of a variable number of buckets <tt>L</tt>.
<tt>L</tt> depends on the number of elements <tt>|E|</tt> known to be filtered at the
- initiator. If <tt>|E|</tt> is zero, the size <tt>L</tt> is padded to 32 bits for alignment.
+ initiator. If <tt>|E|</tt> is zero, the size <tt>L</tt> is set to 32 bits to provide some minimum
+ space (to be used by peers when forwarding the request after
+ returning local results).
Otherwise, <tt>L</tt> is set to the minimum of
2<sup>18</sup> bits (2<sup>15</sup> bytes) and the lowest power
of 2 that is strictly larger than <tt>2*K*|E|</tt> bits (<tt>K*|E|/4</tt> bytes).