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More on blocks in overview
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It includes logic for enforcing storage quotas, caching strategies and
data validation.
- <dt>Block-Type:</dt>
+ <dt>Block-Type</dt>
A unique 32-bit value identifying the data format of a <tt>Block</tt>.
- Block-Types are either private or allocated by GANA (see
- <xref target="gana"/>).
+ Block-Types are either private or registered in the GANA block type registry (see
+ <xref target="gana_block_type"/>).
@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@
It also serves as a set of requirements of possible transport mechanisms that
can be used to implement R<sup>5</sup>N with.
That being said, common transport protocols such as TCP/IP or UDP/IP and their
- interfaces are suitable R<sup>5N</sup> underlays used by existing
+ interfaces are suitable R<sup>5</sup>N underlays used by existing
<!-- consider moving some of this back into sec considerations -->
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implementation are divided into routing (<xref target="routing"/>),
message processing (<xref target="p2p_messages"/>) and
block processing (<xref target="blockstorage"/>).
+ Applications that require application-specific block payloads are expected to
+ register a block type in the GANA block type registry (<xref target="gana_block_type"/>)
+ and provide a specification of the associated block operations (<xref target="block_functions"/>).
+ to implementors of R<sup>5</sup>N.
<xref target="figure_r5n_arch"/> illustrates the architectural overview of