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@@ -6,12 +6,30 @@ Sourcecode for https://gnunet.org created from the https://taler.net code base.
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7Requires python3-jinja2, python3-babel, and gettext. 7Requires python3-jinja2, python3-babel, and gettext.
8 8
9Run "make" or "gmake" to build the HTML. 9The currently supported python3 version is python 3.7.
10In old USB fashion, run make or gmake again if it fails (we might fix this 10
11eventually). 11Run "make" to build the HTML.
12 12If you experience a failure related to a python module, run
13Expect it to show up in en/ and other language folders, NOT in the root dir. 13"make" again.
14 14
15Expect it to show up in rendered/en/ and other language folders.
17Layout / how this comes to be
20config.mk local variables for values in the Makefile
21static/ contains images, css, PDFs, robots.txt, team-images
22static/navbar.css CSS for the navigation bar (common/navigation.j2.inc)
23static/styles.css CSS for the rest of the website
24template/ the flat namespace of html.j2 files
25dist/ 3rd party content (bootstrap 4, font-awesome)
26common/ jinja2 templates.
27template.py operates on template directory and produces
28 output in 'rendered/' directory
30The 'dist' and 'static' directories will be copied to the output
31directory ('rendered/') in the 'all' phase of make. robots.txt
32is copied to relevant folders.
15 33
16Developing with GNU Guix 34Developing with GNU Guix
17======================== 35========================