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Mentor: Christian Grothoff
+<h4>reclaimID alternative GNS-based encryption</h4>
+reclaimID is a decentralized identity system build on top of the GNU
+Name System.
+Currently, it uses an encryption scheme called attribute-based encryption.
+However, through the clever use of GNS's built in record encryption,
+it is possible to
+<li> Improve performance by reducing encryption overhead</li>
+<li> Reduce dependencies</li>
+This project also includes two separate, smaller tasks:
+<li> Performance improvements to the out-of-band authorization flow (OpenID Connect) to</li>
+<li> Webextension which allows reclaimID to be used without the need of
+a GNS proxy.
+The two smaller tasks are optional and may be dropped in case the student
+encounters any unforseen complications when implementing the main task.
+Mentor: Martin Schanzenbach