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+ <h1>NGI Zero Entrust: "GNS to DNS Migration and Zone Management"</h1>
+ We are happy to announce that we have successfully aquired funding for further
+ GNS development and polishing!
+The GNU Name System specification is in its <a href="">final stages</a>.
+Migration paths and large-scale testing as well as generating interest in running GNS zones and registrars is the next logical step.
+Hence, this project aims to
+ <li>Facilitate the management of GNS zones by administrators.</li>
+ <li>Provide users with means to resolve real-world names by (partially) mirroring the DNS root zone.</li>
+<b>Ad 1.:</b> To ease adoption, a framework for GNS registrars will be developed for zone management.
+The registrar framework will allow GNS zone administrators to provide
+a web-interface for subdomain registration by other users.
+The services may also be provided for a fee similar to how DNS domain registrars
+operate to cover running costs.
+The framework is envisioned to support integration of privacy-friendly payments with <a href="">GNU Taler</a>.
+<b>Ad 2.:</b>We are already hosting and shipping a zone for <tt></tt> as part of our GNS implementation.
+To demonstrate how existing DNS registrars could migrate zones from DNS to GNS
+we plan to run multiple GNS zones ourselves which contain the zone information from real-world DNS top-level domains.
+This will also show how GNS can be used to secure the existing DNS namespace from
+censorship and outages when used in parallel.
+A selection of existing top-level domains for which <a href="">open data exists</a> will be hosted and served through GNS in order to facilitate the daily use of the name system.
+We are are planning to integrate at least three DNS zones and publish them
+through GNS for users to resolve in a default GNUnet installation.
+ Watch this space and the mailing list for updates!
+ This work is generously funded by <a href="">NLnet</a> as part of their <a href="">NGI Zero Entrust Programme</a>.
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