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+ <h1>GNUnet 0.15.0 released</h1>
+ We are pleased to announce the release of GNUnet 0.15.0.
+ This is a new major release. It breaks protocol compatibility with the 0.14.x versions.
+ Please be aware that Git master is thus henceforth <b>INCOMPATIBLE</b> with
+ the 0.14.x GNUnet network, and interactions between old and new peers
+ will result in issues. 0.14.x peers will be able to communicate with Git
+ master or 0.14.x peers, but some services - in particular GNS - will not be compatible.<br/>
+ The MESSENGER service goes out of experimental to be used by
+ libraries and applications as dependency. It handles decentralized
+ messaging in flexible groups by using the CADET service and messages
+ can be signed with your ego from the IDENTITY service. The service
+ is still in an early stage, so its protocol (currently version 0.1)
+ will likely adapt or change in future releases to some degree.<br/>
+ In terms of usability, users should be aware that there are still
+ <b>a number of known open issues</b> in particular with respect to ease
+ of use, but also some critical privacy issues especially for mobile users.
+ Also, the nascent network is tiny and thus unlikely to
+ provide good anonymity or extensive amounts of interesting information.
+ As a result, the 0.15.0 release is still <b>only suitable for early adopters
+ with some reasonable pain tolerance</b>.
+<h4>Download links</h4>
+ <li><a href="">gnunet-0.15.0.tar.gz</a> (<a href="">signature</a>)</li>
+ <li><a href="">gnunet-gtk-0.15.0.tar.gz</a> (<a href="">signature</a>)</li>
+ <li><a href="">gnunet-fuse-0.15.0.tar.gz</a> (<a href="">signature</a>)</li>
+ The GPG key used to sign is: <a href="">3D11063C10F98D14BD24D1470B0998EF86F59B6A</a>
+ Note that due to mirror synchronization, not all links might be functional
+ early after the release. For direct access try
+ <a href=""></a>
+<h4>Noteworthy changes in 0.15.0 (since 0.14.1)</h4>
+ <li><tt>GNS</tt>:
+ <ul>
+ <li>First-come-first-served GNUnet top-level domain ".pin" zone key and website updated a. <a href="">Register here.</a> <a href="">#6832</a></li>
+ <li>New <a href="">EDKEY zone keys</a>.</li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>
+ <li><tt>SCALARPRODUCT</tt>: Crypto ported to libsodium improving performance. <a href="">#6818</a></li>
+ <li><tt>RECLAIM</tt>: Added support for <a class="link" href="">BBS+ blind signature credentials</a> for selective disclosure.</li>
+ <li><tt>UTIL</tt>:
+ <ul>
+ <li>Swap gnunet-config's default behaviour for the rewrite flag.</li>
+ <li>Config file is not not always written</li>
+ <li>Introduced new TIME helper functions</li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>
+ <li><tt>SETU</tt>: XXX</li>
+ <li><tt>Buildsystem</tt>: XXX</li>
+ <li><tt>MESSENGER</tt>: New messenger component moved out of experimental.</li>
+ A detailed list of changes can be found in the <a href="">ChangeLog</a> and
+ the <a href="">0.14.0 bugtracker</a>.
+<h4>Known Issues</h4>
+ <li>There are known major design issues in the TRANSPORT, ATS and CORE subsystems which will need to be addressed in the future to achieve acceptable usability, performance and security.</li>
+ <li>There are known moderate implementation limitations in CADET that negatively impact performance.</li>
+ <li>There are known moderate design issues in FS that also impact usability and performance.</li>
+ <li>There are minor implementation limitations in SET that create unnecessary attack surface for availability.</li>
+ <li>The RPS subsystem remains experimental.</li>
+ <li>Some high-level tests in the test-suite fail non-deterministically due to the low-level TRANSPORT issues.</li>
+ In addition to this list, you may also want to consult our bug tracker at <a href=""></a> which lists about 190 more specific issues.
+ This release was the work of many people. The following people contributed code and were thus easily identified:
+ Christian Grothoff, Daniel Golle, t3sserakt, TheJackiMonster and Martin Schanzenbach.
+{% endblock body_content %}