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Include information on developing using Guix
GNU Guix can be a useful development tool, especially when using a language like python with many versions which do not play well together. Therefore I am using it in order to manage the dependencies to build the website, and I've added instructions for others to reproduce.
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@@ -6,6 +6,17 @@ Run "make" to build the HTML.
Expect it to show up in en/ and other language folders, NOT in the root dir.
+Alternatively, creating an ad-hoc development environment containing all of
+the necessary software needed to build the HTML files can be easily done
+using the GNU Guix functional package manager.
+This can be achieved with the following command:
+`guix environment --ad-hoc coreutils bash python python-babel python-jinja2 gettext-minimal make -- bash`
+After installing the packages, this will drop you into a bash environment
+from which you can proceed to run "make".
This website has been tested with python 3.6.5 and jinja2 2.9.6.
Since python development in collaborative environments with