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+ <h1>Messenger-GTK 0.7.0 released</h1>
+ We are pleased to announce the release of the Messenger-GTK application.
+ <br/>
+ The application is a convergent GTK messaging application using the GNUnet Messenger service. The goal is to provide private and secure communication between any group of devices. The interface is also designed in a way to scale down to mobile and small screen devices like phones or tablets.
+ The application provides the following features:
+ <li>Creating direct chats and group chats</li>
+ <li>Managing your contacts and groups</li>
+ <li>Invite contacts to a group</li>
+ <li>Sending text messages</li>
+ <li>Sending voice recordings</li>
+ <li>Sharing files privately</li>
+ <li>Deleting messages with any custom delay</li>
+ <li>Renaming contacts</li>
+ <li>Exchanging contact details physically</li>
+ <li>Verifying contact identities</li>
+ <li>Switching between different accounts</li>
+ The application utilizes the previously released library "libgnunetchat" in a convergent graphical user interface. More information about that can be found <a href="">here</a>.
+ It is also possible to install and try the application as flatpak. The application is already available on <a href=""></a>. Otherwise you will find the source code ready to compile below as well.
+<h4>Download links</h4>
+ <li><a href="">messenger-gtk-0.7.0.tar.gz</a> (<a href="">signature</a>)</li>
+ The GPG key used to sign is: <a href="">3D11063C10F98D14BD24D1470B0998EF86F59B6A</a>
+ Note that due to mirror synchronization, not all links might be functional
+ early after the release. For direct access try
+ <a href=""></a>
+<h4>Noteworthy changes in 0.7.0</h4>
+ <li>The version iteration will be inherited by cadet-gtk as logical successor.</li>
+ <li>It is possible to create direct chats and group chats via physical or virtual exchange.</li>
+ <li>Groups and contacts can be named, left, verified or deleted.</li>
+ <li>Existing contacts can be invited to any private or public group.</li>
+ <li>Chats allow sending text messages, voice recordings or files.</li>
+ <li>Messages can be deleted with a custom delete or automatically.</li>
+ <li>Switching between different accounts can be done during runtime.</li>
+ A detailed list of changes can be found in the <a href="">ChangeLog</a>.
+<h4>Known Issues</h4>
+ <li>It is still difficult to get reliable chats between different devices. This might change with the upcoming changes on the GNUnet transport layer though.</li>
+ <li>It might happen that the FS service is not connected which might stop any file upload or stall it forever.</li>
+ <li>The webcam/camera to scan QR codes might not get picked up properly (for example it doesn't work yet with the Pinephone).</li>
+ <li>The application might crash at times. So consider it still being in development.</li>
+ In addition to this list, you may also want to consult our bug tracker at <a href=""></a>.
+{% endblock body_content %}
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