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the locale files if we are not agreeing on the
content of these web pages, yet.
-GNUnet uses the physical Internet structure as a basis for a 100% peer-to-peer framework all your web services can run on [link to GNUnet layer grafic]:
GNUnet is a new network stack for building secure, decentralized and
-privacy-preserving distributed applications. Our goal is to replace the
+privacy-preserving applications. Our goal is to replace the
old insecure Internet protocol stack.
-GNUnet is made by us for us and for you: self-governed, self-hosted, fast (?), secure, transparent, free.
+GNUnet uses the physical Internet infrastructure as a basis for a 100%% peer-to-peer framework for applications to run on [link to GNUnet layer grafic].
+GNUnet is made for an open society: GNUnet is a self-organizing network, it's free software, as in freedom [link free software]. GNUnet puts you in control of your data. You determine which data to share with whom.
Why did this part get removed?