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<h3>From source</h3>
{% trans %}
- Next we describe a generic way to install from source.
- (Feel free to have a look at some of our install guides made for different Operating Systems:
+ Next we describe a generic way to install from source. If you are using
+ one of the following Operating Systems these step-by-step guides might
+ be useful:
<a href="install-on-archpi.html">ArchPi</a>,
<a href="install-on-debian9.html">Debian 9</a>,
<a href="install-on-macos.html">Mac OS</a>,
<a href="install-on-netbsd.html">NetBSD</a>,
<a href="install-on-openwrt.html">OpenWrt</a>,
- <a href="install-on-ubuntu1804.html">Ubuntu 1804</a>.)
+ <a href="install-on-ubuntu1804.html">Ubuntu 1804</a>.
+ Be aware that not all of them might be totally up-to-date! Please <a href="engage.html">ask us</a>
+ if you get stuck.
{% endtrans %}