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GNUnet Website
-Sourcecode for created from the code base.
+Sourcecode for created from the
+code base.
- python3 modules:
- python3-jinja2, python3-babel
- python3 interpreter:
- - python 3.7 (although any 3.x version should work)
+ - python 3.7 or later.
- gettext
- sassc, to compile the stylesheets
+general short buildsteps:
-Run "make" to build the HTML.
-If you experience a failure related to a python module, run
-"make" again.
+ ./bootstrap
+ ./configure
+ make
-Expect it to show up in rendered/en/ and other language folders.
+'configure' takes arguments, run ./configure --help or ./configure -h
+to find out what could be fitting for you. Generally configure tries
+to be smart about detecting names, if it doesn't find them for you,
+you should report this as a bug.
+GNU make operates on "GNUmakefile", "Makefile" is used by at least
+NetBSD make in this context (we do get a speed improvement by
+writing different files with different structures optimized for
+the make implementation).
+Running "make" builds the HTML.
+Expect its output to show up in rendered/en/ and other language
Run the following to start a python webserver:
-BROWSER=firefox make run
+ make run
+ BROWSER=firefox make run
Layout / how this comes to be
============================= local variables for values in the Makefile autogenerated file by taler-build-scripts
static/ contains images, css, PDFs, robots.txt, team-images
static/navbar.css CSS for the navigation bar (common/
static/styles.css CSS for the rest of the website