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<h2 lang="it">Tassabile</h2>
<h2 lang="es">Imponible</h2>
<p lang="en">Unlike BitCoin or cash payments, Taler ensures that
- governments can easily track their citizen's income and thus collect
+ governments can learn their citizen's total income and thus collect
sales, value-added or income taxes. Taler is thus a currency for the
mainstream economy, and not the black market.</p>
<p lang="de">Anders als bei BitCoin oder Barzahlungen kann im
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<p lang="en">Taler Web payments paper published.</p>
<p lang="de">Taler Web Bezahldienste Publikation erschienen.</p>
- <p lang="fr" note="outdated">Taler version démo en ligne.</p>
- <p lang="it" note="outdated">Taler diventa parte del progetto GNU.</p>
- <p lang="es" note="outdated">Taler forma parte del proyecto GNU.</p>
+ <p lang="fr" note="outdated">Taler 0.0.0.</p>
+ <p lang="it" note="outdated">Taler 0.0.0.</p>
+ <p lang="es" note="outdated">Taler 0.0.0.</p>
<p><a lang="en" class="btn btn-primary" href="/news" role="button" lang="en">Learn more &raquo;</a></p>
<p><a lang="de" class="btn btn-primary" href="/news" role="button" lang="de">Mehr erfahren &raquo;</a></p>
<p><a lang="fr" class="btn btn-primary" href="/news" role="button" lang="fr">En savoir plus &raquo;</a></p>