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Each registry entry should contain three values: the "Number" of the
record type, which must be above 65535 (to avoid conflicts with legacy
-DNS record types), the "Name" of the record type, an optional
-"Contact" for the payment method, and a "Reference" with links to
-further information about the record type.
+DNS record types), the "Name" of the record type, and a "Reference" with links
+to further information about the record type.
The "Name" must be unique in the entire registry. The value must be a
case insensitive ASCII string and is restricted to alphanumeric
-characters, dots and dashes.
Adding records is possible after expert review, using a
first-come-first-served policy for unique "Name" allocation.
Experts are responsible to ensure that the chosen "Name" is
-appropriate for the payment method.
+appropriate for the record type.
The current contact(s) for expert review are reachable at