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+#!/usr/bin/env bash
+trap "gnunet-arm -e -c test_credential_lookup.conf" SIGINT
+LOCATION=$(which gnunet-config)
+if [ -z $LOCATION ]
+ LOCATION="gnunet-config"
+$LOCATION --version 1> /dev/null
+if test $? != 0
+ echo "GNUnet command line tools cannot be found, check environmental variables PATH and GNUNET_PREFIX"
+ exit 77
+rm -rf `gnunet-config -c test_credential_lookup.conf -s PATHS -o GNUNET_HOME -f`
+which timeout > /dev/null 2>&1 && DO_TIMEOUT="timeout 10"
+gnunet-arm -s -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C a -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C b -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C c -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C d -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C e -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C f -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-identity -C g -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+AKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep a | awk '{print $3}')
+BKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep b | awk '{print $3}')
+CKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep c | awk '{print $3}')
+DKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep d | awk '{print $3}')
+EKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep e | awk '{print $3}')
+FKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep f | awk '{print $3}')
+GKEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep g | awk '{print $3}')
+# (1) (A.a) <- B.b
+# (2) (B.b) <- C.c
+# (3) C.c <- (D.D)
+# (4) D.d <- (E.e)
+# (5) E.e <- (F)
+gnunet-credential --createIssuerSide --ego=a --attribute="a" --subject="$BKEY b" --ttl=5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-namestore -D -z a
+gnunet-credential --createIssuerSide --ego=b --attribute="b" --subject="$CKEY c" --ttl=5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-namestore -D -z b
+SIGNED=`$DO_TIMEOUT gnunet-credential --signSubjectSide --ego=c --attribute="c" --subject="$DKEY d" --ttl="2019-12-12 10:00:00"`
+gnunet-credential --createSubjectSide --ego=d --import "$SIGNED"
+gnunet-namestore -D -z d
+SIGNED=`$DO_TIMEOUT gnunet-credential --signSubjectSide --ego=d --attribute="d" --subject="$EKEY e" --ttl="2019-12-12 10:00:00"`
+gnunet-credential --createSubjectSide --ego=e --import "$SIGNED"
+gnunet-namestore -D -z e
+SIGNED=`$DO_TIMEOUT gnunet-credential --signSubjectSide --ego=e --attribute="e" --subject="$FKEY" --ttl="2019-12-12 10:00:00"`
+gnunet-credential --createSubjectSide --ego=f --import "$SIGNED" --private
+gnunet-namestore -D -z f
+# Starting to resolve
+echo "+++ Starting to Resolve +++"
+DELS=`$DO_TIMEOUT gnunet-credential --collect --issuer=$AKEY --attribute="a" --ego=f --forward --backward -c test_credential_lookup.conf | paste -d, -s`
+echo $DELS
+echo gnunet-credential --verify --issuer=$AKEY --attribute="a" --subject=$FKEY --delegate=\'$DELS\' --forward --backward -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+RES_DELS=`gnunet-credential --verify --issuer=$AKEY --attribute="a" --subject=$FKEY --delegate="$DELS" --forward --backward -c test_credential_lookup.conf`
+# Cleanup properly
+gnunet-namestore -z epub -d -n $DISC_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-namestore -z eorg -d -n $PREF_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-namestore -z stateu -d -n $STATE_STUD_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+#gnunet-namestore -z a -d -n $STATE_STUD_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+#gnunet-namestore -z d -d -n $STATE_STUD_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+#gnunet-namestore -z e -d -n $STATE_STUD_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+#gnunet-namestore -z f -d -n $STATE_STUD_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+#gnunet-namestore -z g -d -n $STATE_STUD_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+gnunet-arm -e -c test_credential_lookup.conf
+if [ "$RES_DELS" != "Failed." ]
+ # TODO: replace echo -e bashism
+ echo -e "${RES_DELS}"
+ exit 0
+ echo "FAIL: Failed to verify credential $RES_DELS."
+ exit 1