BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev/ch3/fix-certtool-TRANSPORT(fix): consider certtoolJulius B√ľnger8 months
dev/tplaten/multicast_messengerinital import of multicast from secushareTobias Platen7 months
dev/trizuz/did- non zero exit code on failed resolveTristan Schwieren2 months
dev/trizuz/siop- finished test for signature rest endpointTristan Schwieren5 months
dev/willow/doxygen-Moved warnings file and out of repo in preparation for cleanupWillow Liquorice5 months
dev/willow/doxygen_comments-DOC: Second pass through DATASTOREWillow Liquorice5 months
dev/willow/doxygen_comments2-DOC: Tweak to doxyfile: INTERACTIVE_SVG = NO -> YESWillow Liquorice4 months
dev/willow/gnunet_temp-Replaced several hardcoded /tmp locations in tests of CORE, FS, IDENTITY, NA...Willow Liquorice5 months
dev/willow/gnunet_temp_sh_py-Removed references to explicit /tmp in test scripts and configurations in DH...Willow Liquorice4 months
master-fix indentationTheJackiMonster59 min.
v0.19.2-1commit f9773ea41a...Christian Grothoff3 weeks
v0.19.2commit 23ba3b90bf...Martin Schanzenbach4 weeks
v0.19.1commit 174e3ed585...Martin Schanzenbach5 weeks
v0.19.0commit 6bebc94d2c...Martin Schanzenbach9 weeks
v0.18.1-debcommit 145a04e3ac...Christian Grothoff3 months
v0.18.1commit 25aec52549...Martin Schanzenbach3 months
v0.18.0commit 616a9f9c00...Martin Schanzenbach3 months
v0.17.6commit 63147d3018...Martin Schanzenbach4 months
v0.17.5commit 1d4e7a0eec...Martin Schanzenbach5 months
nlnet-r5n-auditcommit 567469d459...Bernd Fix5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
59 min.-fix indentationHEADmasterTheJackiMonster
18 hourspkgconfig: add configuration for messenger service libraryTheJackiMonster
3 days-better indentationChristian Grothoff
3 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Martin Schanzenbach
3 daysMYSQL: Use autoconf-based my_bool detectionMartin Schanzenbach
3 daysFix git commit message preparation to properly include hints.Martin Schanzenbach
8 daysMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
8 daysTNG: Added tcp icmp nat hole punching test case script, and fixed bugs occuri...t3sserakt
8 daysTNG: Fixed bug happening during check for pending validation requests aftert3sserakt
8 daysTNG: Added nat reversal code to tcp communicator. Prepared udp communicator.t3sserakt